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The First Reviews

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The first couple of reader reviews of The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory have happened and they have made me VERY HAPPY INDEED.

"What a hilarious book!

Kids' books are so funny. You just don't get adults' books like this, not since the glory days of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. I absolutely adore this anarchic, crazy brand of humour.

I can't decide if my favourite part is the Biccypedia entries, or Hadz breaking the fourth wall all the time, or the orange monster MAKING A BIG NOISE WITH HIS MOUTH! This is just a really funny book; I kept having to put it down so I could laugh for a few minutes.

Kids are going to absolutely adore this one. I hope James writes more books. I can't wait to read them."

From Goodreads:

"What a hilarious and brilliant debut! If you like Douglas Adams (or even if you've never heard of him), you will love this. Haddie's creation of her own chords (watch out for the F minus - it has hidden powers) and the invention of things you don't find in science books is a great message for children to inspire them to create things beyond what already exists. It shows how hope and action can inspire change. The world we were swept into, the characters, the analogies to our world - the rabbits! - and possibly the most epic first gig of all time. I loved it."

"It’s a very particular type of bonkers humour that will likely resonate with fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams - and when it finds the right readers, it’ll have them chuckling out loud. I loved spending time with Hadz and the gang. It just felt GOOD to spend time in this world."

From Netgalley:

"This is a really really fun book. The main character is a little bit confident to say the least, and she runs a band. Just as band practice has started there is a tear in reality...and everything goes a bit crazy! But surely that wouldn’t happen in Normaltown?!! This is a nice short book that is just full of fun and adventure! (four stars)"

"A fun romp with plenty of madcap mayhem, children aged 7+ will enjoy this adventure. Short chapters and humorous characters reminded me of diary of a wimpy kid, especially with the mini- monologues."

From Toppsta:

Fantastic book that was very funny, warm and engaging from the start. Lovely illustrations that helped bring the story alive. A hilarious, fun read for young people and adults. Would recommend 100%. (five stars)

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