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Happytown Must Be Destroyed

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For fans of My Brother is a Superhero and The Demon Headmaster comes an outrageously funny story of brain control, friends, enemies and being the one to save the world, even if you'd really rather somebody else did it, thanks.

It's a simple tale of ice cream, allergies and alien invasions.


Illustrated by Jen Naalchigar

Praise for Happytown Must Be Destroyed


"Harris is frankly hilarious. The dialogue is funny, the premise utterly bonkers, and I read it in one sitting – laughing, laughing, and very, very happy indeed."

Rachel Delahaye, author of Day of the Whale


"It's seriously funny. This book made me very happy."

Hannah Moffatt, author of Small


"Brace yourself for a scoop of adventure, a sprinkle of craziness and a drizzle of humor in an epic tale of a young heroine and a boy who farts."

Missladybird, aged 10

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The Unbelievable

Biscuit Factory


The biscuit factory in Haddie's hometown is absolutely 100% NOT a Super-Secret Science Lab. Or a portal to another dimension. With orange fluffy monsters. OH NO. DEFINITELY NOT. Or ... is it?


A laugh-out-loud biscuit-bonkers adventure for fans of My Brother is a Superhero and Kid Normal.

Illustrated by Loretta Schauer

Praise for The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory


It’s surreal and very, very funny – genuine laugh-out-loud moments – with wonderful dialogue, bafflingly-addictive intrigue, and plenty of variety in font and layout to entice even the most reluctant of readers. The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory is going to steal your time and tickle your ribs. I give it F Minus. (That’s an in-joke – I actually give it A-star).

Rachel Delahaye, author of Mort the Meek

Extremely funny book that not only entertains but also shows the importance of questioning the world around us, especially when that world is filling with fluffy orange monsters! Kids will love this book.

Bethany Walker, author of Chocolate Milk, X-Ray Specs and Me.

It’s funny, very funny, and it rattles along like a demented train - but it also has something to say about grown-ups self-delusion. But mostly funny.

My Favourite Amazon Review

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Help! We Need a Story


A wonderful book about storytelling and the art of creativity with an inspiring rhyming text from James Harris (The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory) and beautiful, characterful illustrations from Mariajo Ilustrajo (Flooded).

It's a dull day in the jungle and Artie the macaque’s friends are bored, bored, BORED! But with paper, pens and ink, a splash of inspiration, and a pinch of imagination, Artie creates something magical . . . a book! Filled with hordes of zombie hens, a fire-breathing dragon and robot sharks (yikes!), Artie’s newly-created book busts the friends’ boredom, and the next day they can’t wait to do it all over again.

With a clever book-inside-a-book concept, Help! We Need a Story illustrates the power of imagination and will help to nurture kids’ creative sides. Just like The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, Beautiful Oops! by Barney Salzberg and What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada and Mae Besom, this is the perfect tale for book lovers and any child who enjoys creating their own stories. 

Illustrated by Mariajo Ilustrajo

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